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SPOILERS: Stephen King’s tweet about The Dark Tower has blown our minds! And here’s why…

May 20th, 2016 by Marc Comments


Ok, this piece will feature big spoilers about the upcoming Dark Tower movie starring Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, the last gunslinger in Stephen King’s momentus book series on which the movie will be based.

But oddly enough, it’s a spoiler that will mean nothing to most people who aren’t fans of the series, while being a spoiler to fans while not ruining anything – in fact it may get them even more excited for the movie.

Or… it could be a nod to the books. We’ll cover that at the end.

Ok, the Tweet:

King has posted an image of what is The Horn of Eld. A legendary horn that Roland, carried into battle in the mythical battle of Jerciho Hill. The horn was lost during the battle and Roland regretted it long into his adult life.

And really regretted it when, after chasing it his whole (extremely long) life, he finally reached the Tower.

You see, in the book Roland’s world and all worlds, time and space, are crumbling and distorting because the Dark Tower, the nexus of all reality, is falling. Roland went the Tower in the hope that he could save everything. When he did he realised that the Horn of Eld, that he lost all those years ago, was the item he truly needed to save everything.

And he was damned to repeat the journey and mistakes in a loop, without remembering, until such time as he went back and got the Horn and carried it with him to the Tower.

Which is why this tweet is so exciting.

“The Dark Tower is close, now. The Crimson King awaits. Soon Roland will raise the Horn of Eld. And blow.”

Here’s why… could the movie version be a sequel to the books? Could this actually be Roland’s final journey to the Tower? The one where he finally saves us all?

This is a very exciting prospect.

It gives King and the writers the chance to change things and re-arrange things that, if it’s not a direct adaptation, means the fans, rather than being up in arms, will embrace and welcome.

As a massive fan of Roland and his two Ka-tets, I find this idea not only acceptable but outright welcomed.

If Roland finally reaches his journey’s end it will be something I have waited for for almost 30 years. Long days and pleasnt nights, indeed.


it could be related to the books.

Everyone is assuming it is related to the movie, but King doesn’t say so.

What if it’s a hint that he is finally going to write the novel of the battle of Jericho Hill? King has previously admitted that, while he sometimes finds it difficult to find his way back to Roland’s world, it’s a tale he wants to tell.

Or perhaps, like we discussed above, maybe he wants to take another stab at ending the tale.

No matter what the outcome, it’s so exciting to be so far along the path of the beam again.

Do ye say so?

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