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Stephen King’s IT movies find their Pennywise

May 5th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


For the past few months, it has been widely circulated that Stephen King’s It would be adapted to the big screen in two parts by True Detective director, Cary Fukunaga.

It focuses on the lives of seven outcast kids in Maine. The story focuses on their lives over several decades and their fight against a demon clown that is trying to kill them.

It was most famously adapted to the small screen in 1990, and starred Tim Curry as the killer clown Pennywise. While Curry’s performance in this adaptation can only be described as unforgettable, the rest of the production has not aged very well… at all.

With this in mind, it has been announced that Will Poulter (We’re the Millers and The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader) has been cast in the role of Pennywise.

Sources say that Fukunaga couldn’t deny Poulter the role, after seeing his audition tape, where he displayed the darkness and evil that is essential for the character.

It’s still very early in the pre-production to get a feel for this movie, but the talent that has already assembled leads me to feel fairly positive about the prospects for this film.

Source: Variety

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