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Suicide Squad reportedly going into production in Toronto in April

November 21st, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher 1 Comment

Suicide Squad

Hopefully David Ayer will have acquired a full cast come April, because according to Global News reports, The Suicide Squad will be heading to Canada, Toronto in April to begin production on the tentpole DC franchise based film.

According to the Global News site, the studio plans to start filming from mid-April until the end of August. There are also scheduled plans for filming to take place at Pinewood Toronto Studios, and a couple of other locations in the city. Considering there is a haphazard mix of indefinites on the cast list – this seems like quite a bold move. But hey, …there is nothing better than getting things into shape, that a metaphorically stress-induced kick up the back-end. However, that could also lead to a invariably bad movie.

There has been no official announcement by Warner Bros. as of yet, but as previously mentioned, if they want to kick into high-gear production wise, they will need a defined cast and not just any old cast due to production dates. Earlier today, Jared Leto seemed rather blase about his part as the The Joker in Ayer’s movie. For now, all we know is that Margot Robbie has most likely signed on for the part of Harley Quinn. Also, there is the tentative rumours regarding Will Smith, Tom Hardy, and Jai Courtney’s agents still going through negotiations regarding their roles. Then there is the speculation that Jesse Eisenberg will reprise his role as Lex Luther after his role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Not only does the cast seem rather odd, but there has been no official statements regarding any of the casting rumours.

Suicide Squad is being directed by David Ayer (Training Day, Harsh Times, End of Watch), and is scheduled to hit theaters on August 5, 2016.

SOURCE: Global News

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