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THE BIG INTERVIEW: FTN interviews Jaason Simmons, star of Sharknado

October 5th, 2013 by Jay Comments

Jason Matthew Simmons from Hobart, Tasmania began acting in 1993 in Australian series Paradise Beach. The following year, he played Logan Fowler on Baywatch. After leaving the series in 1997, Simmons appeared in several theater productions and independent films. More recently he appeared in cult film Mad Cowgirl but right now he’s enjoying fame for his role in the so mad and bad it’s actually pretty good, SyFy movie Sharknado.

Jaason, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today. Sharknado has elevated your profile recently but before Sharknado, what did you star in?

A little known beach show and a few other bits and pieces!

Simmons and Yasmin Bleath in “A little known beach show”

When you got the script for Sharknado what made you say yes?

Just to see if I could pull it off and have a laugh while doing it.

The movie has become quite the cult hit. What do you make of that, and did you ever envision this to happen?

My parents watched Sharknado in the cinema in Tasmania last week. I haven’t even seen it on the big screen yet. I have never been involved with a film that was made for basic cable, and with each airing have the ratings go up, then released in the cinema. It does not make sense, but Sharknado is a movie that didn’t know it couldn’t do that (words of the director). I was outside a theatre waiting to do a Q & A last week and I have never heard an audience have so much fun and make so much noise. They knew ALL the dialogue AND had responses, it was fantastic!

Simmons with co-star Ian Ziering

The sequel, Sharknado2: The Second One, was recently announced for next year. Is there anything that you would like to see in the sequel that the first one didn’t achieve? Not that I’m sure you can beat making your way out of a shark with a chainsaw!

I think Sharknado achieved way more than anyone expected. The way it has been received and its success has pleasantly blindsided all of us. That being said, if Baz makes a return, I have a few fun ideas.

What’s next for you aside from the sequel? Is there anything that you’d like to work on, or anyone that you’d like to work with next?

A few members of the previous mentioned beach show and I have an action comedy that we are shooting in Europe next year. I also wouldn’t mind coming back to London to work for a bit. I have wonderful friends and family there. For now though I head to Australia to go walkabout for a month or so before Sharknado 2 hits New York. That’s going to be interesting and a whole lot of fun.

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