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The new Star Trek universe finally gets an official name

June 29th, 2016 by Phil Robinson Comments

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It may have taken us seven long years, but the current incarnation of Star Trek outings finally have an umbrella title. Trekkie historians the world over rejoice!

Thanks yo CBS, we can now call this new universe – an alternative timeline to the original – the Kelvin Timeline.

The news was unveiled earlier this week in a Star Trek Online preview, ahead of the new crossover between Prime Reality and the Alternate Reality. It was noted that the official title was needed during the development of Mike and Denise Okuda’s upcoming Star Trek Encyclopaedia relaunch.

Here’s the news breaking on Twitter from the powers that be:

So you can stop calling it the Reboot Timeline, the Bad Robot Reality, NuTrek or whatever you had in mind, we’re officially in the age of the Kelvin Timeline.

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