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Wait, so was Christopher Reeves’ face really in Man of Steel or not?

June 8th, 2016 by Jonathan Snelling Comments


When people think about Man of Steel, there is nearly always mixed reaction, some say it’s good, others bad but the one thing we do know is that it’s very different from its predecessors. That being said, some fans have insisted that the legendary Christopher Reeve, from the original superman films, made an appearance in Man of Steel.

The scene in question is the destruction of the world engine. In particular it references this image:


Many people say that Reeves’ face has been super-imposed or digitally placed onto Henry Cavill’s.

Cines Argentinos, recently posted a video on their youtube page showing Snyder being interviewed. In the interview Snyder was actually asked about this scene, and whether there is any truth to the tale.

“It doesn’t exist; it’s just looks like that,” said Snyder: “If it looks like that, that’s the gods, not me.”

In truth I have a tendency to believe him. It’s clear that there is an obvious distortion on Cavill’s face but I don’t believe that Reeves’ face was actually deliberately planted onto it.

If you consider this side by side picture of the two they do look remarkably similar.


It would make sense that the similarities between the two, the world engine beam, and a tense faced Cavill, and an unnatural about of CGI, could cause the face to warp this way and ignite such a theory.

Yet Snyder has previously declined to speak about it and his answer isn’t fully a no, so this little theory may yet still have some life to it.

In some ways it would have been nice if something like this was true, a small homage to the original man of steel.

Source: Comicbook

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