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What is the State of the Star Wars Universe Canon-wise?

April 21st, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


boba fett 1

AKA Schröedinger’s Bounty Hunter

Apparently, Bobba Fett is simultaneously alive and dead.
This is the claim of Pablo Hidalgo, member of the Lucasfilm Story Group, who jokingly implies that the character exists in a state of living and death that would give Erwin Schröedinger a headache, until a storyline comes along to decide his fate.
Set up by Kathleen Kennedy after Lucasfilm’s acquisition by Disney, the purpose of the Story Group is to make sure that all canon productions over all platforms, be they comics, video games, TV shows or novels, don’t coontradict each other. In a panel at Star Wars Celebration, Hidalgo and fellow Story Group member Leyland Chee expained to fans how the new, focused concept will work.
Although there was (inevitably) no huge revelations about the future, the Group explained that there is a vision of a hugely expanded storyline running years or even decades into the future. This is the main reason the Expanded Universe has been sidelined, as it would be impossible to incorporate almost 40 years of EU novels and comics into it. Despite this, Hidalgo teasingly states that some characters from the EU may be incorporated into the new continuity.
However, the Story Group is not a dictatorship and every director, writer and artist coming into the new Star Wars galaxy is encouraged to develop their own ideas. If it fits in with something the Group are already planning, that person may be asked to bring the idea back further down the line. Essentially, nothing is off limits, but nothing is canon unless the Story Group says to.
Makes sense?
No, me neither.
No word on the canonicity of my proposal for Indiana Jones and the Arthritic Knees yet, though…


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