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PARANORMAL PONDERINGS: This week we look at the Lizard Man of Lee County

April 28th, 2013 by Owen Quinn 2 Comments

“Everyone is scared of the unknown and this was the unknown!”

Can there be something living down in the swamps of Lee county? Something humanoid, reptilian yet travels on a flying machine like a personal transporter? Witnesses have described it as between ten to twelve feet tall with long skinny arms, three fingers, red eyes, like a man lizard in appearance and yet hovers over the people it meets in an anti grav machine of some sorts that emits toxic gases. Sounds like something out of a B-movie doesn’t it, and yet for residents of Lee County, it is not only a real creature that has left fear in its wake but also claw marks on cars which cannot be disputed (below). Law enforcement officers who initially dismissed it as a hoax now took it seriously because given the state of the first person to see it, they were convinced something was stalking their town. The question is, is this monster of extraterrestrial origin or the greatest hoax ever?

It all began in 1988 with a young man called Christopher Davis who went on video to be interviewed about his encounter that fateful night.

he had a flat tyre and had to change it. It was about two am when he saw something that would change his life forever. He saw a seven foot figure with red eyes rushing towards him. He managed to get into the car but the creature grabbed the door and tried to tear it off. Christopher managed to speed off and watched the creature from his rear view mirror.

He went to the police station where he told his story. Sheriff at the time, Liston Truesdale, recalls how terrified Davis was that night and he knew no one could fake that level of terror. Scarcely believing his ears, Truesdale asked Davis to draw what he saw. It began a media frenzy during which it emerged another twelve people had also seen the creature.

Another witness, pilot Frank Mitchell, came forward to tell of his experience. According to him the creature crossed the runway in front of him as he was about to take off. he estimated it was eight feet tall and he described it as walking with a lope and it chillingly looked straight at him.

George Plyler also told how he saw it watching him from behind a tree at him. He couldn’t believe it. It had red eyes and a human shaped head.

Dixie Rawson told how all her children’s blankets, towels and toys were strewn all over her driveway and her husband called her out to look at their car. The bonnet had been mangled as if clawed. This was the first physical evidence that the lizard man may exist. Although scientific investigations claimed the damage was caused by a dog, Dixie and her family remain unconvinced. Blood samples were taken from the car and there has been a decrease in the cat population in the area. And this is not the last time a car has been mangled. Several cars have been damaged in a similar vein, leading to fresh news reports as recently as 2011.

Funnily enough the town has profited from the legend and you can buy T-shirts of the lizard man and other memorabilia. The town of Bishopville has adopted him as their own even though the concept is a terrifying one. Other physical proof has come in the shape of foot prints, three toed in nature and remarkedly different to those left by Bigfoot.

However things took a more sinister turn when the reports became a little darker.

Reports came out that the lizard man was not a child of the eighties but has been seen as far back as 1952. On the 12th September in Flatlands, West Virginia, Freddie May, his brother and a group of kids were playing in a schoolyard. Night was falling fast and they were stopped by a fireball in the sky that came down over the mountains and over their heads. The boys all insist it slowed down as a vehicle would. Rushing home, their mother,cousin and dog went to investigate the landing area and what they saw was like nothing they ever expected.

The area was thick was smoke and a pungent smell. The dog ran in terror and they saw two lights hovering. They saw a hovering machine which came forward. The top part they described as being the shape of an ace of spades with tubes running down to a platform of sorts. The fumes made them ill. They described the driver as a hybrid between a lizard and a human. Could the lizard man be in fact a crashed extraterrestrial stranded on Earth with no way home? Could there be a group of them given the range of reported sizes as between seven and twelve feet tall? Given the extensive wood and swamp-lands where normal travel is difficult for humans, would it be easy for a group to hide there perhaps waiting for a rescue which may never come?

What people are looking at is like something out of a sci-fi movie. A humanoid lizard using an anti-grav platform to travel or a life support suit of some kind. On September 13th 1952, the day after the initial sighting, a couple called George and Edith Natowski were driving in Braxton County in West Virginia when the car stalled. In an interview in 1996, George told of how they saw a glowing light coming from the woods. He approached it and he suddenly was overcome by a sulphur-like stench. He turned and hovering over him was a humanoid lizard. Its bottom half was described as like a booster rocket. It hovered above the ground and George ran to his car with his wife and child and the smoke made them choke. It looked right in at them and circled the car before retreating back into the dark.

George said that the creature leaned forward, touched the hood of their car, burning the paint away. George also drew a picture which is virtually identical to Freddy and his family’s description. And the anti-grav transport or life support theory is supported by the fact that the creature has been seen without it. And while it may be easy to dismiss such a claim outright, it certainly is different from the usual Grey alien accounts. In those days, there was no money to be made from such a claim. Indeed you risked outright ridicule from the townspeople.

Frank also claims that many of the victims have been diagnosed with types of cancer which may be a result of the gases and fumes they breathed in that night. What also supports the theory that it may be a crashed alien is the fact that there have been many strange lights and encounters reported in that concentrated area.

In 2004, a lone hunter, Joe Smith, reported seeing three creatures, describing the same ace of spades shape at the top of their heads, again giving creedence to the life support suit theory. So fifty years apart, a man describes the same thing that was seen in 1952. Mass hysteria is not a valid argument as it doesn’t stretch over decades and this was a man out hunting deer. Alien lizard monsters were not exactly high on his list or thoughts as has been suggested. indeed the fact he saw not one but three of them, is not to be dismissed lightly. Add to this the fact that the foot prints cast were sent to the FBI where biologists said they couldn’t be identified. The final results concluded that the prints were not from a known animal and indeed could not be from any form of mutated animal. So what made them?

Frank Feschino has investigated the area and the continued sightings. He has found unknown material which resembled a black plastic strewn across the area. This material was tested by the television show MonsterQuest which showed they were in fact natural materials charred by a source of extreme heat. But what is out in the Flatlands that can do this? Nothing the residents know about and yet the stories continue.

Witnesses across fifty years, from all age groups,seeing the same thing in the same area. The evidence is more solid than many paranormal cases. So are there a group of lizard men from the stars trapped on our planet using technology beyond our abilities and yet living in relative peace and isolation? Are there alien eyes looking to the stars wishing someone could come and take them home? Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered if there’s someone looking back? And in this case, are they looking up and praying someone is?

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