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March 7th, 2013 by Dave Bowling Comments

Greetings all you folks out there in FTN land! David here with another round up of recent releases and what’s coming soon to a table-top near you!

Let’s kick things off with Death from the Skies, a new flyer supplement from Games Workshop. Available exclusively from GW’s website, this volume contains all significant flyer rules released thus far (the Fighter Ace and Dog Fighting rules from Crusade of Fire, the Battle for Cardrim scenario from White Dwarf magazine) along with never before seen material (four new Air War missions and rules for incorporating Stormraven Gunships into your Codex: Space Marines and Codex: Black Templars armies).

Next we have some news from Privateer Press, best known for their games Warmachine and Hordes. It seems things are about to get innovative with the addition of two new Mounted Warcasters. Developers are being tight lipped at the moment when it comes to rules for these new units but it looks like the next incarnation of both Vlad, Dark Prince of Khador, and Coleman Stryker, Commander of the forces of Cygnar, will be mounted on horses.

Gatecrash has only just landed on our shelves but already the forums are abuzz with speculation on the third and final set of the Return to Ravnica block; Dragon’s Maze. Here’s what we know for sure:

• The set contains 156 cards.
• All 10 Ravnica Guilds will be represented.
• The set will contain at least 1 Planeswalker.
• Boosters from this set won’t contain basic lands. Instead each booster will contain either a guild gate, a mythic rare land or a shock land.

For those still new to Magic, a shock land is similar to a guild gate in that it can provide either of two types of mana. Unlike a guild gate, it can enter the battlefield untapped if you sacrifice a small number of life points.

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