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Tabletop gaming Kickstarter round-up

September 5th, 2014 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Legendgerry rounds up his top three things on kickstarter this week! 

Most nerd past times with a few exceptions (larping, ju jitsu etc) involve a lot of sitting, so back pain is an almost inevitable consequence, enter the bacrac.
Developed by an osteopath with over 24 years of experience, it’s a simple, customisable device to exercise the back and alleviate back pain.  It works like this:

The project is already funded and the creators seem quite professional in their approach. If you have a back problem it’s definitely worth a look.

In 1984 a man called Forest Baker launched a competitive weapons fighting sport called Sabaract which attracted the attention of none other than the Elder God of gamin Mr Gary Gygax who published an article about it in Dragon Magazine #100 and several TV programmers covered it.

Unfortunately, it attracted more people than the organisers could adequately kit out and manufacturing at the time couldn’t produce the quantity or quality gear that they needed in an acceptable time frame.

30 years after its inception, the founder is trying to resurrect it once more, having found solutions to the various problems.

Sabaract players wear leather body armor on which there are several steel dishes with a film stretched across them, the point is to break the skin on opposing players’ dishes and keep their own intact.

The Kickstarter is, well let’s say ambitious, as well as seeking funding for equipment manufacture, he is also hoping to shoot some television episodes in the Philippines with some guests chosen from the backers.

A look at the pledge levels implies he’s not just looking to get the equipment but to also set up a full on franchise with pledges at certain levels being expected to set up stores and field 100 strong teams.

A bit much for a sport most of us have just heard about now. Personally I can’t see it getting funded as it stands, but a few tweaks and a scaling back of the ambition might work. Just to be clear, I’m not endorsing it.

The Lone Wolf: Choose Your Own Adventure books were an equally good compatriot of the Fighting Fantasy series. While the series officially went out of print in 1998 it continued to win readers, thanks to long time fans of the series creating Project Aon which distributed digital copies online with full permission of it’s author Joe Dever.

Now Cubicle 7 are celebrating its 30th anniversary with release of a set of adventure books, set 50 years before the original series began. It’s aimed squarely at youngsters or new gamers. It’s already raised more than twice the target funding and it’s just at the halfway point!

Have a look, I’ll vouch for Cubicle 7’s abilities and they are already funded so if it’s your sort of thing get some just watch the shipping costs, they are a bit hefty outside the US/UK.


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