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THE FTN BLOG: (01/04/13)

April 1st, 2013 by Owen Quinn Comments

Okay, lads and laddettes of the Nerd world, I’m back with another blog to inform and entertain you. Well, this one is slightly different as the only thing we’re going to talk about is the return of… know….what’s his name……yer man….No, not Doctor Who, DAVID BLOODY TENNANT!

Yes, just as Star Wars fans globally fainted at the news the big three were on their way back, wrinkles and all, to the new JJ Abrams movies, so Who fans, myself included, woke up to the news on Saturday [30th March] that both David Tennant and Billie Piper would be appearing in the anniversary show. Now the story is that subscribers to the Doctor Who Magazine got their copies five days earlier, given the issue isn’t released til this Thursday, and within its glossy pages is the news of the return. Within minutes it spread all across the net and Facebook with people showing the actual feature in the mag. It’s great news and shows we have been lied to all along but really, do we care?

I don’t. It’s the first positive sign that we may get the multi-Doctor story we all want to see. Who cares if the other Doctors are old? It’s sci-fi, think of something and if you’re stuck Mr Moffat, I know a very good writer with a very clever idea of how to do it. Just give me a call…

Of course this return begs the question, will it be the parallel universe version with the half human Doctor who can’t regenerate or will we be dipping into portions of the Doctor’s past via the mysterious paintings that Matt Smith mentioned on the Johnathan Ross Show (below)? Or will it be a painting of another sort. Of course then again, timey wimey, wibbly, wobbly is the name of the game and a lot of people not impressed that piper is coming back either. More Rose? Really? Martha all the way folks! Add Alien chest burster himself John Hurt to the cast and we may have just seen the villain. Maybe he has a painting or two?

And strangely enough it coincided with the start of the new series and the beginning of filming of the actual anniversary show. Whether there may be location filming which may give the game away, expect YouTube and Facebook to melt down with spoilers and please let Paul McGann be in them. The campaign starts here.

Overall, the Bells of Saint John has divided us here at the Nerd, with friendships on the line and a strange habit of refusing to swap double of your Doctor Who trading cards. I always said my Dalek’s plunger was bigger than theirs but I digress. I felt it was a disjointed episode that was like a wafer biscuit, one bite and it’s gone. Others found it fast paced and exciting. Some loved him riding up the side of a building on an anti-grav bike which surprises me as we didn’t really see this happen. (cue sound effect of breaking window). Smith and Coleman are superb together. Smith brings an energy and character to every scene whether it be licking a leaf or sending his Spoonhead to face the Intelligence. The Spoonheads were like the data nodes in Silence of the Library and the reveal of the Great intelligence was no surprise. Minds were always on his mind, especially a certain Time Lord’s. This is going to be a spectacular rematch but a weak start for me. Plus who is the mysterious woman who gave Clara the most important phone number in the universe. Bets are River Song but I’m hoping Martha. She has a direct line after all.

But I’ll leave you with this question, the first question, the question that must never be answered but must? Is that the fourth Doctor’s scarf hanging in the hall behind Clara? And before you snigger, check the photo below.

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