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FIRST LOOK: The ReAction Gremlins figures are coming… minus one

March 17th, 2015 by Irwin Fletcher Comments


The ReAction range of figures – 3 and 3 quarter inch, five points of articulation vintage design figures, in the Kenner style – from Funko has really taken off since their initial launch in 2013. The first set was Alien in conjunction with Super 7, as Super 7 couldn’t meet manufacturing costs at the time. After the success of those figures, Funko took that ReAction ball, and ran with it, taking it most of the properties that Funko have rights to.

This year, Funko were due to release a range of Gremlins ReAction figures, but sadly the whole line that was previewed won’t be coming as Funko couldn’t get the rights to use the likeness of Phoebe Cates. Losing one of the 2 main human characters from the film, is a bit of a blow. And Funko have no plans to release another figure in this first wave to compensate for the loss of Cates.

The good news though, is that this is still a range that will be hitting retailers this year. The whole wave includes:

Christmas Gizmo
Stripe (Mogwai)
Stripe (Gremlin)
Gangster Gremlin
3D Cinema Gremlin
Billy Peltzer

gremlins 2


This year will also see ReAction figures from Fight Club and Jaws – including the shark!

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