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Mattel Prepare for SDCC 2013 with some beautiful items

May 13th, 2013 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Mattel have just wrapped up their announcements for their Comic Con Exclusive, and the list is not too shabby at all!

First Up, MOTU Classics Rokkon and Stonedar Two Pack. The Comet Warriors clash land in this beautiful 2-pack. Capturing their Filmation look perfectly they come with snap on armour and their lazer guns. These are memorable characters and will make make a worthy addition to the MOTU Classics line.

Next Up is Movie Masters Superman Vs General Zod 2 Pack from the upcoming Man Of Steel. Whilst only the packaging has been revealed, expect collector-approved levels of detail and articulation from these. Photos of the figures are due 17th June

DCU Club Infinite Earths New 52 Shazam! will come in a stand-out collector friendly packaging and contain a removable cape. He will fit in wonderfully with your DCU collection.

And now a figure to strike of your ‘I want it, but it will never happen’ list…..Batusi Batman! If this figure can get made, expect anything to happen with this line! Coming with Adam West likeness, fabric cape, multiple points of articulation and lovingly encased in stunning diorama style packaging that oozes 60’s. this is an item that will draw attention on your shelf and will be a must have.

Taking advantage of the rights to the 1960s Batman (and rightly so) they have also confirmed a Barbie donning the classic Catwoman look. She comes complete with mask and bat-ears and guy or gal, Batman fans will want this.

Their next ‘Exclusive’ is their Back To the Future Hoverboard replica. In perfect scale and as seen in BTTF Part 2, this replica left collectors disappointed when it was released in 2012.

The board was even given the thumbs down by the movies producers when released, but if you want it, this could be your last chance to grab it. This time round though, it WILL NOT include the min-replica of the board scaled down for your 6″ figures.

Also announced for the show from Mattel are Hot Wheels Cylon Raider and the iconic Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactica, a Hot Wheels Atari beach Bomb Pick-up with retro Asteroid decal, a hot Wheels A-Team GMC Van with new ‘muddy’ paint-job, and the fun He-Man Vs Skeletor Mini figures packaged in great Castle Greyskull diorama packaging – all pictured below.

PHEW, Mattel have quite line-up for this years SDCC, so bring a full wallet and an empty suitcase if your headed that way this July. For more information visit Mattycollector HERE

Comic-Con International: San Diego returns to the San Diego Convention Center with a Preview Night on Wednesday, July 17, then running Thursday, July 18 through Sunday, July 21.

PHEW, Mattel have quite line-up for this years SDCC, so bring a full wallet and an empty suitcase if your headed that way this July.

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