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July 30th, 2013 by Brian Fanning Comments

For my latest toy review, I have decided to change it up a little. I am going to do a feature on figures that are associated with the upcoming marvel movies. I will talk about some of their backgrounds and look at the best versions of a particular character. So for the first of these reviews I am going to look Thanos; who is the big bad for the upcoming Marvel Phase 2 film line. So let’s take a look at the Marvel Select Thanos (7” scale).

Thanos was created by Jim Starlin in 1973, he made his first appearance in Iron Man #55 (Feb 1973). After this he went on to become the Marvel Universe’S greatest threat and sometimes even its ally. From his own series to the many universe spanning events, he has been both the centre of arcs and just a background character.

He is an Eternal from Titan, a moon of Saturn. He is the last child of Mentor and Sui-San. Unlike the rest of his race who are “perfect”, he was born monstrous and mis-shapen. While growing up on Titan, he became obsessed with death and chaos. He didn’t just want to rule the world, he wanted to destroy it and watch everything burn around him. With this he is often referred to as the Mad Titan. At one point in his travels he meets and falls in love with the physical embodiment of death. For the longest time he was always trying to impress her to gain her affection or as some would say, (*coughs* Whedon) court her. At the moment, the character has a series called Thanos Rising (Written by Jason Aaron with Art by Simone Bianchi) which is looking at his past, modernising it and developing the character further. So far there have been no major changes to the character. But there are many other stories that I would highly recommend for people to read: The Infinity Gauntlet, Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch, Annihilation and also The Thanos Imperative.

Marvel Select Thanos – This is one of my favourite characters from this line of figures and I got him pretty quick when I started collecting. He is in the 7 inch scale and is quite bulky. He comes with a separate hand that you can swap out for his non-infinity gauntlet glove. It also comes with Lady Death which includes a human face piece which, when removed, shows her skeleton form underneath. The Lady Death figure has no articulation so she is more of a statue accessory. The fact that you cannot pose her hints that death cannot be manipulated for personal gain which is something Thanos has tried to do throughout the comics with little or no reaction from her.

Thanos comes with all the normal points of articulation that these figures usually come with. The only thing he is lacking is that he has no stomach crunching movement. When you change out the hands they are very tight to clip in or take out but the advantage of this is that they won’t fall off. One of my favourite things about the figure is that its head is highly detailed so you see where he got the name The Mad Titan. He appears hideous and looks ready to cause chaos and destruction, also the creepy smile etched on his face gives an unnerving sense of his enjoyment at this fact. The colouring is the perfect representation of what you see in the comics. The areas that look like they are burnished gold don’t have a shine but more a leathery look with highlights to make them stand out against the blue.

I would highly recommend this figure if you saw the Avengers movies. He would be a great addition to go with your other Avengers toys. Plus it will keep you going until either Hot Toys or Hasbro releases an official figure from the movie.

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