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WATCH: The Dark Knight Rises Battle at the Bank Playset Review

February 9th, 2013 by Saxon Comments


The Dark Knight Rises.  Its not exactly the kind of Batman movie you’d take the kids to see.  Then again, that rings true for the entirety of Christopher Nolans Dark Knight Trilogy… 

But toy companies have to make money.  And sure they may have altered some events in the movies in order to make less threatening toys for the kids (remember the scar-less Joker figure from The Dark Knight whose rocket launcher fired a boxing glove instead of a Tumbler-destroying missile?), but The Dark Knight Rises posed a difficult challenge.  There was little to no Bat-action.  And I’m pretty sure the Bruce Wayne Prison Pit Playset wouldn’t have shifted very many units from the toystore shelves.  So instead we are treated to this – The Battle at the Bank playset. What battle at which bank?! you may cry, but essentially this is a more entertaining and child-friendly version of Bane’s attack on the stock market.  So instead of confusing talk about shares and wrong investments, we now have a much more simplified version where Bane robs a bank.  And in this set kids are treated to both a Bane and Batman figure, with a collapsable Bank playset and a Batpod and Camo Tumbler for each figure to drive.  Check out the review below and let us know your thoughts – does this look like a toy which can entertain the kids yet still come from the world of The Dark Knight Trilogy?

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