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Disney turn down Stallone and Lungren series as it’s not ‘female-focused’?

September 4th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Now I’m all for girl power and the slew of female-led shows and movies that we’re getting now, but something just doesn’t sit right when Disney are apparently purposefully not taking shows just because they’re not female-led like Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren’s show The International.

The show is meant to star Lungren as the UN’s one man swat team and hostage negotiator and honestly that sounds right up his alley, but Disney owned ABC wont take it since all they’re doing are “female-focused” shows… and, if true, I can see this becoming a problem. I mean, just the fact that according to reports they didn’t even hear them out on the script is worrying for me, especially as everyone else that they took it to – including Netflix, Amazon and Apple – did.

I really started noticing this issue during Avengers Endgame and really it’s just once in the movie when Spider-man gives the gauntlet to Captain Marvel and then her and EVERY female character in the MCU charge together, but why? We already know all these women are badasses and we just saw all of them together with everyone else standing their ground and proving that they are just as strong as the men – I mean, come on, Scarlett Witch is the only Omega-level warrior there, so what are they trying to prove?

I’m pretty sure this also happened with Jessica Jones with a good 80 per cent of writers, directors and producers being female just for the sake of having female writers, and it’s the same with WandaVision currently in production with them hiring female writers as they think that’s what’s needed, what ever happened to hiring the best person for the job, and if they happen to be female then great?

Now, I know that this is a really sensitive subject for a lot of people, especially maybe a lot of our female readers, so I want to hear from you, should shows get female-only writers and producers and not just get who is best to fit the role?

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