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UPDATED WITH EVEN MORE NEWS!: Arrow/Flash News Blowout!

January 12th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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Man, just when you think the news is over…IT’S NOT!

The TCA is still going on, and we’re STILL getting news about Arrow and Flash, and yes, it’s awesome. Where shall we start?

How about with the fact that the Arrow/Flash crossover could be an annual thing? The CW President himself said that an annual crossover could be very good for both shows, especially with the ratings. The first crossover gave Arrow it’s highest ratings ever, with Flash getting its second highest. They would more than likely be in November just like the first one.

Then there’s the shows themselves and how the midseason finales will affect them. Arrow star Stephen Amell noted how he liked that his “death” was going to push the other characters into leading roles:

“I personally … love when there is adversity for the protagonist and when we give other characters on the show [the chance] to acquit themselves and come more into leading roles,” said Amell. “We are 50-plus episodes in the show. If we don’t give other characters the opportunity to shoulder the load, then we give viewers nothing to attach them to.”

Truly the one that many have been waiting for is Laurel becoming Black Canary, a transformation the actress herself, Katie Cassidy, can’t wait to show off:

“I’ve been waiting for this to happen and am obviously very excited and thrilled about it,” Cassidy said. “She goes from avenging her sister, to honoring her sister, to becoming her sister.”

Then there’s Flash, where the biggest mystery now is: “Who is the Reverse Flash that we saw?” Cause comic fans know the name of the “real” Reverse Flash, and yet Harrison Wells has a Reverse Flash suit. So who is who here?

Well, Harrison Wells IS the Reverse Flash, as stated by Tom Cavanagh himself. But there’s more to it than we think…

“Eddie’s connection to the Reverse-Flash lore is going to pay off big time in the back half of the year,” Andrew Kreisberg said, referring to the character’s comic book history.

So whether you like one show or both, this is going to be a fun ride when they return on the 20th and 21st!

UPDATE!!!! Want more Flash details? Great! Here they are!

When talking about the impact of the mideason finale, Kreisberg said, “Episode nine really changed everything. Some of the things, like Barry telling Iris he loved her — obviously that’s going to change their lives — but there are things that happen in nine where even the characters don’t realize how much is about to change. There is obviously a big surprise regarding Tom’s character, but there are even more surprises to come.”

And then there’s Harrison Wells, what’s he up to?

“He obviously wants something from Barry,” Kreisberg told IGN when asked if Wells is motivated by a desire to see Barry become The Flash at any cost. “What that is is part of the big surprise in the back half of the year. But it’s what makes writing him the most fun. He’s always put in a position of, ‘Is what I’m about to do or are my actions going to further my own agenda, or is it for the greater good and helping the city?’ So I think that’s why Tom has so much fun playing the character and why we have so much fun writing the character. Like he said, everything he does, there are two agendas, and making sure that everyone else’s agenda doesn’t override his own. That’s his chief job.”

The night that Barry’s mom died will become a key piece of the season as we go into the back half, including the fact that we’ll see that night from the perspective of the Reverse Flash!

“Joe and Cisco are actually going to launch an investigation into what really happened that night,” Kreisberg told IGN. “It’s funny, every couple of episodes you get a giant piece of the puzzle. So hopefully people won’t feel like we’re dragging it out for too long. We watched a cut the other day, and Greg and I were both like, ‘Oh my God, I forgot that happens in episode 13!’ So yeah, we are definitely going to find out what happened that night. What’s fun is, we’re going to keep seeing that event from lots of people’s points of view.

“There were other people there that night,” the producer continued. “There was Barry’s mother, Barry’s father, the two Speedsters. So getting to see that night from different perspectives, it’s funny, because the actors keep coming back, and they have to keep playing the scene over and over again but in slightly different ways. We see things that we didn’t see the first time, or we see things leading up to it or the aftermath. So that event is obviously the seminal event in the history of the series. But you’ll definitely get the answers.”

Oh, and did someone say “time travel”?

“Definitely by accident. There’s an unexpected, accidental time travel coming up, that is played for both hilarity and darkness. It happens in an episode we’re really excited about. It’s the first Weather Wizard episode with Liam McIntyre.”

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