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Banshee star set to play Selina Kyle’s mum in Gotham

November 26th, 2016 by Jonathan Snelling Comments

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Gotham’s use of the DC/Batman world has been interesting to say the least.

In two seasons Gotham has nearly been destroyed several times, villains from all across the DC universe have been seen or hinted at, there have been countless origins of our favourite characters and we have seen new characters enhance the story dramatically.

Season three of the show got off to a start back on September 19th this year and even though we are well into the season, new cast news from The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Banshee actress Ivana Milicevic will have a recurring role in this season.

The actress is set to play Selina Kyle’s long lost mother.

This character isn’t explored much in the DC comics and is mainly just mentioned. She is considered deceased in most accounts. It is therefore a new character for Gotham to use and one that could be very interesting to the whole arc of the storyline.

The character is described as “A tough-as-nails operator with an arsenal of street smarts and a world-class drifter who is able to hide her true self behind a variety of personas. Maria is a criminal through and through and is willing to use anything and anyone to get what she wants. Her one weakness is Selina, the daughter she abandoned and the only person in the world she truly loves.”

Like the other seasons of Gotham this season will come in 2 parts and Milicevic’s character is likely to appear in this second part of the season.

Gotham airs every Monday night on Fox.

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