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Bruce Timm talks Justice Leaue: Gods & Monsters universe

June 8th, 2015 by Dave Bowling Comments

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It’s fair to say that we’re looking forward to Justice League: Gods and Monsters. A lot.

While Warner’s track record on adapting DC characters for live-action production has been hit and miss over the years (anyone rememberthe eary 90s Flash pilot and the Steel TV movie with Shaquille O’Neal?), their animated output has been consistenty brilliant for almost a quarter of a century. And with Gods & Monsters and its intriguing alternate universe coming up, executive producer Bruce Timm has eendropping hints that this is only the first chapter in an ongoing saga.

Speaking to Comic Book Resources recently, Timm confirmed that some of the ‘real’ characters are still out there and may well be revisited in future shorts or movies:

“But then, some of the other characters, we tried to keep something about them that’s similar to the DC Universe. I keep saying that it’s a genuine alternate universe in that our changes aren’t completely random, but it’s like a tangent. This character could have gone that way, but he went this way instead. Several reporters have asked me about Bruce Wayne, and I’ll just say straight out: “The only thing I know about Bruce Wayne for sure is that his parents didn’t go out to the movies that night and didn’t end up getting killed in Crime Alley. So he didn’t grow up to become Batman. He became something else.” Technically, as far as we know, he exists in this universe. Kal-El doesn’t. He was never conceived. Are we ever going to get to Paradise Island and see what happened to the real Wonder Woman? Maybe. Maybe not.”

With the first in the short Chronicles series just getting its release, Timm has confirmed there’s another in the works:

“It is still in a pretty early phase. We are still breaking the stories for it. We have a rough idea of what we’re going to do. It’s been really tricky, because on one hand, it is like an actual season of a regular TV show where it does have a bit of a story arc that pays off at the end of the season. At the same time, Machinima was really insistent that each episode not end with “To be continued…” They wanted each episode to be more of a standalone. I was like, “OK, we’re going to try and have our cake and eat it.” It’s been fun figuring out exactly how to do that. It’s actually been great. The fact that the lengths are so short — in a weird way, it opens us up and automatically puts us outside the box. All the rules that we know about how to normally tell a regular series of any regular show in a 22-minute length are superfluous. It’s completely irrelevant.”

So, no Kal-El. But maybe Bruce Wayne and Diana at some point. Flash, anyone? There’s always room for The Flash in animated DC, even if it’s only to crack wise and drink pints of espresso with cream and 27 sugars.

What? That’s how he takes it!

Justice League: Gods & Monsters is set for release on 28 July.

Source: Comic Book Resource 

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