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Doctor Who The Bells of St John Prequel & New Clips Online

March 28th, 2013 by Saxon Comments

Building up to this Saturdays launch of Series 7 Part 2, a number of new clips and promos have ben released.

First up we have a prequel to the episode, which finds The Doctor sitting alone on some swings feeling all sad that he cant seem to find Clara Oswald, the girl with the ability to die then turn up in an another part of time and space with no memory of what happened to her.  When all of a sudden, a little girl sits next to him.  Who could that be…?

Next up we have another clip from the episode which seems to be a continuation of the previously released clip in which The Doctor enjoys being asked “Doctor Who?” by Clara.  He runs back into the Tardis to change out of his Monk outfit and into something a little more familiar.  This clip is notable for showing off more of the new Tardis than before, revealing a sub-level like the previous interior.  And what outfit isn’t complete without a bow tie?

And the final new clip introduces us to the big bad of the episode, Mrs Kizlet.  She’s a smarmy evil businesswoman who orders one of her employees to be killed.  After he’s returned from holiday, of course.  And they say psychopaths dont have a heart…

Doctor Who returns this Saturday, March 30th.

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