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Doctor Who’s Capaldi and Gatiss doing a new Christmas Ghost Story

September 1st, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

Just like years gone by it should be no surprise that the BBC shall be doing another Christmas special, no it’s not a Doctor Who one, although we will be seeing one of the Doctors as Peter Capaldi is set to team back up with Mark Gatiss, a previous Doctor Who writer and actor.

This years Christmas ghost story shall be a one and a half hour adaptation of Martin Close’s BBC adaption of an MR James short story simply called A Ghost Story which follows a seventeenth century murder trial with a supernatural twist, something Capaldi and Gatiss can do extremely well.

Gatiss himself had a little to say on the project with: “After the delightful success of last year’s The Dead Room, it’s a fantastic privilege to continue the tradition of the Christmas Ghost story on BBC Four, and what better than one of my favorite stories by the master of them all, MR James?”

So what can we expect from the latest BBC Christmas special?

Well, for the story we shall be following Mr Martin, a man who has been accused of killing a girl with learning difficulties. These are only accusations at the start but that all changes when the ghost of the young girl comes back to haunt him and the neighbors. During the murder trial she also appears and plays a huge part in the trial.

So I think its safe to say we can expect some kind of murder mystery thing going on here with an all-star cast of Capaldi who will play Dolben, the barrister prosecuting Mr Martin for the crown, Game of Thrones’ Wilf Scolding as George Martin, Upstairs Downstairs’ Simon Williams as Stanton, EastEnders’ Sara Crowe as Sarah, Cucumber’s Fisayo Akinade as William, James Holmes, Miranda as Snell and Elliot Levey as Judge George Jeffreys.

With a release date set for the same as Gatiss’ “The Dead Room” last year it wouldn’t surprise me if this becomes a regular thing and sees the Doctor Who writers taking time out of Dracula and do this.

Either way I’ve loved everything Gatiss has done and I don’t see this being any different.

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