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DVD REVIEW: TFN reviews Miranda Series 3

November 8th, 2013 by Big Phil 1 Comment

All six episodes from the third series of the BBC sitcom written by and starring Miranda Hart. After a public school education, socially inept Miranda (Hart) is having trouble fitting in with her peer group, especially her childhood nemesis, Tilly (Sally Phillips). To top it all, Miranda constantly finds herself in awkward situations around men and, in particular, ex-university chum Gary (Tom Ellis). The cast also features Patricia Hodge and Sarah Hadland. The episodes are: ‘It Was Panning’, ‘What a Surprise’, ‘The Dinner Party’, ‘Je Regret Nothing’, ‘Three Little Words’ and ‘A Brief Encounter’.

Miranda is a mid-thirties ditsy wannabe successful business owner, who is constantly seeking a boyfriend. Whenever a situation or encounter presents itself, Miranda goes from calm and cool to a complete buffoon who gets herself into the most insane situations.

Series 3 begins with Miranda at Christmas; updating the audience on her life and “staying friends” with Gary, her mum deciding to go into Politics and her best friend Tilly finding a new circle of friends who are into the craziest of fads. With her shop failing badly, she needs to pull herself together, though thankfully her Mum comes to the rescue.

The third series focuses on a new relationship though for Miranda and without giving away too many spoilers, Miranda is a VERY happy lady. But with the lid constantly popping off her craziness, will this new addition to her life find her endearing or just nuttier than a fruit cake?

Miranda is a mix of slapstick comedy backed up with one-liners and insane situations. The award-winning show, written and starring Miranda Hart, has built up a loyal following with its particular brand of comic humour.

Sadly though, I had personally found the jokes and slapstick wearing very thin by the end of the series. The jokes and punch lines were telegraphed well in advance, whilst the slapstick moments seemed more akin to a children’s television show.

With Miranda constantly breaking the fourth wall, usually at the most embarrassing moments in life at that time, the show constantly makes references to ladies’ weight problems, desires for sweet things (mainly cake) and her never ending search for a boyfriend. Add to this her constant spouting of song lyrics or worse, her singing, and you have some idea of the form of this comedy.

It’s very clear from the beginning that this show is purely aimed at a female audience, and in particular those who probably sympathise or recognise the situations Miranda gets herself in. Sadly I failed to find any humour or comedy in either the physical humour or the punch lines.

Fans of this show will most likely lap up the ever increasing silliness that Miranda exudes, but audiences who require a little bit of intelligence in their comedy will most certainly be disappointed.

1 out of 5

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