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Firestorm’s True Power Cut From Flash Finale?

May 20th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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We’re only minutes away from the Flash Season Finale, one that is going to feature not only time travel, but the return of Firestorm to the Star Labs team. Apparently, Ronnie Raymond and Dr. Stein were going to be able to show off just what Firestorm could do, and by “do”, I mean his true comic book powers.

“In the finale, you were going to see a scene where Caitlin and I are talking. I tell her, we do have a better handle on our powers, [and] I show her a new trick,” Amell explained. “They introduced matter manipulation in the finale — but the finale was also thirty minutes too long, because it’s such a huge, incredible episode, [the scene] was one of the things that could go. You won’t see it, but originally I turn a thermometer into a flower for her. It was a very sweet scene that showed some matter manipulation. Maybe they will release it on the DVD/Blu-ray set… In the finale, there was going to be a scene when we turn into Firestorm. We literally step towards each other and turn into him. There isn’t any difficulty. And, now, we get to do matter manipulation — but nobody gets to see it yet.”

This is a disappoint, especially as a comic book fan who knows what Firestorm can really do. He’s not meant to be the “DC Human Torch” as the show has presented him as before, his true power is matter manipulation, and to not see that here is sad. Hopefully though, with Legends of Tomorrow and Flash Season 2, we’ll get to see his true power unfold.

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