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FIRST LOOK: The Boys are back in town with first pictures from Season 2

August 17th, 2019 by Geralt of Australia Comments

With Season 1 of Amazon’s masterpiece The Boys a worldwide hit, it should come as not surprise that Season 2 is already underway.

Just two weeks after season 1’s release, it’s already become one of the most watched shows on the streaming service according to Amazon. For those who haven’t seen the series yet, it’s basically the Justice League if they were run like a business and saving people was second to making profits, not only that but we also get to see what happens to every day people when heroes impact their every day lives, like what would happen if you were talking to your partner and then they turned into a red mist cos the Flash had just run through them cos he’s going too fast.

Well thanks to the fans loving the show, Eric Kripke, creator of The Boys has given us a sneak peak with a little picture of the new season currently filming (below).

Now as you can see they seem to be covered in red which one can only imagine is strawberry jam, nah come on now we all know it’s blood and that’s just keeping in the theme of the first season.

Produced by both Eric Kripke and Seth Rogen, yes that’s right same guy from Pineapple Express, and the mix of the two of their styles just fits so perfectly into the show, but a little surprising that we never saw Seth in the show, perhaps that’s something else they’re saving for season 2.

On a similar note, show runner Rogan had this to say about Season 2 (so far): “They already have more resources for the second season. They’re adding more characters, the scope of the show organically grows as the show continues. We just watched, actually, the first episode of the second season this week. It was a wonderful thing as producers. This is way better than I ever could’ve hoped it would be.”

We all at FTN HQ loved The Boys, so we can’t wait for season 2… what about you?

On top of this, we now have our first look at the ceiling art of The Seven with new addition Starlight to the line-up:


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