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Flash Producer Talks Grodd, Time Travel, and Future Arrow Crossovers

November 19th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

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The Flash (which we review here on FTN!) is easily one of the coolest new shows on the block. Say it’s because of the fact that Arrow paved the way for the show, say it’s because Flash is just expertly written, or is just a fun show, there’s no wrong answers. One thing the show is definitely not afraid to do is dip into the mythology of the main character. And as producer Greg Berlanti states, a couple of the big parts of Flash-lore is coming soon.

Such as you ask? Well let’s start with a certain evil gorilla named Grodd…

“I wouldn’t say teased. I would say we’re going to deal with it this year. The comparison I make is a little bit to Slade the first year on Arrow in the sense of we started with the mask in the pilot and then we saw which way we were going. He was, ultimately, in the back half of that first season even more than we would ever do with Grodd this first year because… We’re going to have to get the technology right and all the stuff right to make it look and feel real. But a lot of times, we do this stuff not as a tease as much as a challenge to ourselves of, ‘Can we do it?’ Grodd’s definitely one of those, so we hope we pull it off.”

The other aspect of Flash-lore that is apparently coming very soon is the idea of Barry Allen time traveling. A ability that Allen has used numerous times in the comics.

“That is the one that we deal with directly in the winter. We, obviously, hint at it from the pilot episode. That is a big — ‘theme’ is the wrong word for it — but that is a big part of the DNA of who The Flash was, so we do deal with that.”

But wait, there’s more! The upcoming crossover between Arrow and Flash is highly anticipated, but will it be the only one? According to Berlanti, we may get one before the seasons end…

“We just started talking about that. It’s so much fun to do. They’re so hard to do. But I think they’ll be so rewarding for everybody, ultimately, that that’s our hope, for sure.”

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