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Game of Thrones and HBO remove the coffee cup from latest episode

May 11th, 2019 by Marc Comments

The fourth episode of Game of Thronesvent viral after the production of the series accidentally left a cup of coffee in the shot.

The fans exploded after eagle-eyed viewers spotted a cup of the beverage in front of Daenerys in the post-battle celebration scene. The camera is focused on John Snow and Tormund commenting their heroism,while Daenerys chills in the back, while a cup that resembles the ones served in Starbucks rests on the table.

Even in one of the most famous TV series in the world people can find mistakes in production. As the final series is in the air, people did not expect such a rookie mistake from the creators of the show. Fans claim that they spotted even more mistakes in the final series like a man in the back of the shot walking in regular today’s clothes.

However, the “Starbucks” coffee, as people claim the brand identity, is one of the most random mistakes in the TV and Film industry. Bear in mind that this show is one of the most expensive ever produced with whopping $15 million for each episode and still they miss a coffee cup.

HBO did not try to deny the mistakeas they announced their statement that the latte appearing in the last episode was a mistake and tried to make fun of the situation by adding “Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea.”

Memes came up like a flood on the internet and people started to make fun of the situation. The executive producer on the show apologized to the fans about their mistake using his sense of humor by trying to make it soften the situation. He said: “Westeros was the first place to actually, you know, have Starbucks.”

Starbucks quickly jumped into the scene by posting on twitter that they are surprised that the queen didn’t order a Dragon Drink.

The amazing thing is, after this free advertising for which Starbucksdidn’t even have to lift a finger, experts estimate the worth of free advertising of $2.3 billion. According to CNBC, the scene with the coffee caught the attention of millions of people and just in the last few days it was mentioned in the context of the show more than 200,000 times across the internet.

However, this is just a small detail in the free advertisement that Starbucks got, we cannot measure word of mouth as well as social media which went wild. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Starbucks or any other company, gaining free advertisement on such a huge TV series.

Unfortunately, you cannot see this scene anymore as HBO removed it. From now on any future previews of the “The Last of the Starks”, the fourth episode of Game of Thrones, will not include the coffee or the herbal teacup as they say. Covering the cup on the table will not help that much, as the scene will remain forever in the archives of internet.

Some of the actors responded to this mistake with fun posts blaming each other for leaving the cup on the table. Emilia Clarke was found guilty about the mistake and some fans blame her lack of professionalism for leaving the cup in the scene. However, to be fair, it can happen to anyone and with so much people involved in the production and post production of the show, Emilia can’t be the only one responsible for such a silly situation.

Nobody expected this kind of mistake in the final season of Game of Thrones which is expected to be the greatest. To This shows the fact that even the most expensive shows on earth involving many experts can leave out some mistake in the set just because we are all human.

The good thing is that mostly everybody accepted the mistake in a humorous way, and there was no harm done. The bad thing is that, with or without coffee cup, this is the episode with lowest ratingon IMDB from all seasons… and that burns more than spilling hot coffee.

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