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Game of Thrones round-up: New images, new TV Spot and Melisandre actress Carice van Houten shoots down a popular theory

March 26th, 2016 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

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OK, Game of Thrones fans, time for a pre-season 6 round-up…

You know you love it!

Ok, let’s get the ball rolling,

When it comes to the fate of Jon Snow, we know nothing. That’s according to Melisandre actress Carice van Houten, who shot down the most popular Game of Thrones season 6 fan theory.

Now, Game of Thrones actors are expertly trained in interviewing sleight of hand, double-bluffs and keeping us second guessing, but van Houten has said that her character will not revive the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch in the upcoming season, as many have predicted.

Actor Kit Harington stated he’d only be returning as a ‘corpse,’ but fans retained hoped that this was another cryptic reference to a popular theory which posits that his body would be taken by Melisandre, allowing her to utilise her magical abilities to bring him back from the dead.

But that’s not the case at all, apparently.

“I’m afraid I’m gonna disappoint a lot of people,” she teased to Empire Magazine. “Why so much pressure on my character? I mean, I understand that he’s the good we want in this crazy world. And me and my mother and my sister want him to come back very desperately. But Melisandre has never brought anyone back to life. Why does it have to be me?”

So, does this mean that Snow’s resurrection is actually a possibility, but it won’t necessarily be Melisandre who does it? Who knows – there is a whole realm of possibilities.

Second cool bit of news, It looks as though HBO has packaged another 30-second trailer, which debuted in rather low-key circumstances during a basketball game on American TV.

Watch below (it’s low-quality, but it’s the best we have at the moment):

The trailer’s dialogue/voiceover features three notable sections of dialogue. First, Tyrion, speaking his line about “the great game” that was featured in the first trailer. Then, the High Sparrow speaks with Tommen. The last half of the trailer was a Jaqen H’ghar voiceover, speaking of giving the gift and adding to the wall of faces.

The trailer’s highlights include Brienne of Tarth launching into a battle with unknown combatants, Drogon the dragon flying over the Dothraki moving into Vaes Dothrak, casting a shadow and suggesting a massive, fire-breathing confrontation.

We also see Ramsay Bolton smirking smugly, presumably before he rides into the huge battle set up for the season’s penultimate episode.


And oh yes – there’s another action-packed Tower of Joy flashback! There appears to be three men wearing Stark armour fighting with a soldier in Targaryen sheathing.


The final sequence of the trailer is undoubtedly the most exciting, with the Night’s King grabbing the arm of Bran Stark in an extension of the moment from the first trailer. It’s clearly one of Bran’s visions, but boy is it getting terrifying!


Let us know what you think about this new trailer – hopefully HBO will officially release it online soon! Game of Thrones season 6 returns on April 24,

And finally, Game of Thrones has released six fresh images of season 6 via Entertainment Weekly (via Squareeyed). Check them out below:


So, this is a creepy one of blind Arya looking as though she’s about to engage in some sort of battle.


Yes, Daenerys is still looking rather forlorn, sitting on her own a beach among the Dothraki community.


Jeremy Podeswa, the director of this season’s first two episodes, jokes with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.


Varys and Tyrion walks the streets of Meereen together, talking to the poor by the look of it.


This is our favourite photo from the batch – Bran engaging in his training with Max von Sydow’s Three-Eyed Raven. He seems to be in some sort of a trance.


A shot of Theon and Sansa together, presumably just after they’ve escaped Winterfell.

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