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Update!!! Cisco’s Brother Cast as Well! Golden Glider to Join The Rogues in Flash

December 16th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

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It appears as though The Rogues are really going to be a focal point with The Flash in its first season. First came Captain Cold, then when Flash returns from its midseason break, Heatwave will come and join him. The Trickster (who is in and out of the Rogues depending on timing) has already been confirmed for season 1. And now, we have a fourth member of the crew. One that shows family means everything.

Peyton List, who has been on both Mad Men and The Tomorrow People, is set to join the series as Lisa Snart, sister to Captain Cold, and will indeed join The Rogues in episode 16 of this season.

In the comics, Lisa did a simliar thing, and in there she went by the name Golden Glider, it’s unconfirmed if she’ll be that character exactly, but it seems possible. Also, the introduction of her character will apparently affect Cisco very heavily. Oh boy…

Flash returns to TV on January 20th.

UPDATE!!!: So, that was quick. Not only will the Golden Glider join her brother on the Flash, but apparently another brother is going to be met in the episode (that is now named) “Rogue Time”. Dante Ramon, Cisco’s older brother, will be joining the cast during the same episode, and will be played by Nicholas Gonzalez.

He will play, “Cisco’s handsome and charming older brother Dante, who is used to being the family favorite. Dante is a gifted pianist, but he never reached his potential and secretly resents Cisco’s success. When the brothers are thrust into extreme circumstances, Dante must rely on Cisco if they’re going to survive.”


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