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Guillermo Del Toro spills the details on Trollhunters Season 2

February 26th, 2017 by Marc Comments

We admit it, we were a little late to the Trollhunters party but after finishing the whole series in a few day s last week, we are completely and utterly smitten with it!

For those who don’t know, it’s currently living on Netflix and comes from Guillermo del Toro and DreamWorks Animation and after the initial run of 26 episodes in season one, we now have a further 13 coming later this year.

Sadly, the death of young actor Anton Yelchin means that he’ll not be in the second season as the show’s lead character Jim, but the show, as they say must go on.

So what can we look forward to in season 2?

Needless to say, if you haven’t seen the first season, then there’s spoilers in here.

Ok, here we go.

Del Toro has confirmed that Yelchin died while recording for the second season but they have quite a bit of his work that can still be used well into the second season: “We’re going to go ahead and now continue, rather than start, because we’ve been doing it for more than a year. The reality and the beauty of this is that we can continue not only the storyline and the characters, but we have a huge swath of work from Anton that allows us to continue Anton through more than half the season.”

He also was quick to add that they wanted to keep as much of his work as possible – we couldn’t help but notice that in the first sea son it was noted that Jim, a teenager, still hadn’t seen his voice break… this could certainly be used to explain him sounding different in the second season: “Actually, coincidentally, we have an event in the last episode Anton did which allows us to sort of change his voice slightly, so the character stays — but we didn’t plan this. It was pure serendipity that we had that in the works. The beats of the second season have been set for years, and as of now, we have not altered or needed to alter a single beat,” says Del Toro.

“From the beginning, when we planned the writers’ room, we set out a map of 52 episodes, and created arcs that break every 13, and those were planned four years ago. So we have been recording Kelsey Grammer, Anton, Ron Perlman, Clancy Brown, everybody involved in the series for years and years. And there was a break in the arc in the right episode that allows us to preserve all the work that Anton did that was phenomenal.”

So, moving onwards into season 2, what can we expect? Last time we saw Jim in season one he headed into the Darklands on his own to face Gumar The Black who was the mostly unseen big bad of the piece.

“The Darklands are quite an ordeal in themselves,” says Del Toro, “They are not a light walk in the park. They are not a one-action sequence and we go away. There’s a good [amount] in the Darklands. We have character recalls that were introduced in the first season that you didn’t know how they’d pay off, or you thought you’d knew how they pay off, and you reencounter them and go, “Oh, so this is who the mysterious lady that gives supernatural powers to Angor Rot is,” for example. She becomes quite a character in the second season. You reencounter a character I love — I won’t tell you who — but we reencounter that character now in the Darklands. We resolve a lot more of the backstory of Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!!, for example. And of course, the Mexican dentist comes back.”

Trust us, if you’ve watched the first series these will all mean something to you.

So, while Jim is in the Darklands, what will become of Toby and Claire, his best friends and part-time heros themselves – think Xander and Willow in Buffy and you’ll get the idea: “Well, the second season gives a chance for them to become Trollhunters on their own, but the two worlds are constantly linked. We find out some of the surprisingly complex politics in the world of trolls in regards to the Darklands, and the arc [of Toby and Claire] is really very beautiful in the second season. Very heroic, I would say.”

So it’s all to play for in season 2 and trust us, we reckon it’ll be well worth the journey.

There’s no word on when it will return so far.

Source: EW

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