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Krypton renewed for a second season at Syfy

May 22nd, 2018 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

Sometimes SYFY just gets it right and the first season of Krypton was one of those times. 

The debut was the most watched first season of a show across all their demographics since 2014 and because of this SyFy has made the very wise decision to renew Krypton for a second Season.

Krypton kicked off with SyFy’s best series premier in more than three years beating Defiance and is the most watched debut series in four years since Ascension. The show averaged 1.8 million total viewers within three days with DVRs taken into account and will return sometime in 2019.

Set on Superman’s home planet and following the Big Blue Boy scout’s grandfather Sag-El’s (Cameron Cuffe) adventures as a young man faced with the impossible choice of saving his home planet or letting it be destroyed to restore the fate of his future grandson.

Let’s hope that season two introduces more classic character from Superman’s canon and expands on the vast mythology of Krypton

Source: THR

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