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Morena Baccarin Talks About Leslie Thompkins Role In Gotham

January 4th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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Tomorrow we return to Gotham, but it’s going to be a little different from when we first arrived. Gordon is no longer a cop, he’s security at Arkham Asylum. Because of this, Bullock is no longer his partner, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be alone. Dr. Leslie Thompkins is going to be a new ally to Gordon, and this version of her will be a little different than the comic version. Mainly that she is much younger in how she was originally portrayed.

Morena Baccarin will play Thompkins, and she notes how her and Gordon will begin their version of a partnership:

“Basically she and Jim meet at Arkham Asylum where he winds up working after the last episode. And they sort of hit it off because they’re both two people who are trying to do the right thing in a city that’s corrupt. And, like him, she’s someone who doesn’t really stand for bulls—. She’s very pragmatic and isn’t fazed by the craziness of Gotham. So they’re pretty drawn to each other and they wind up teaming up… It’s a great introduction to my character, who’s working in this crazy crazy place that’s, of course, touched by Gotham’s rampant corruption. There’s a very big and dark underworld at play.”

Though she is younger, the question of how much of her backstory will remain the same, or will be changed, was also brought up:

“Actually, I don’t know. We haven’t discovered that yet. They haven’t told me too much so far. I kind of get things revealed to me slowly. But she’s somebody who really stands up for what she believes in and has a strong set of morals. She’s not a goody two-shoes or anything like that. I mean, she understands how things work in the city and how things sometimes have to get done. But I think she’s also trying to live in a world that she wants to live in and can be proud of. She’s not somebody who’s too precious about things. She can get down and dirty, and she does. And she wants to be a part of whatever force can make the city a better place.”

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