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Neil Gaiman’s Likely Stories Getting Made For Television

February 17th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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Neil Gaiman is on fire when it comes to his adaptations being made. From Sandman in the movies, to American Gods in TV, his stories are as popular now as they were before. And now, four more of his tales are coming in the form of “Likely Stories”, which will show some interesting tales from the mind of Gaimain. Here are the breakdown of the stories:

“Foreign Parts, from Gaiman’s first collection Smoke and Mirrors, will appeal to fans of Charlie Brooker’s twisted Black Mirror. It’s about an introverted banker who begins to believe his genitals are no longer part of him, and are slowly taking him over.

Feeders and Eaters, from the Fragile Things collection, is about the relationship between a man and an old woman who has very unusual appetites.

Closing Time, from the same book, is an almost MR James-style story of a man spinning a tall tale of haunted houses to the members of his gentleman’s club.

Looking for the Girl, also from Smoke and Mirrors, focuses on a man with a lifelong fixation on a model in a porn magazine. But as he gets older, she somehow stays the same age.”

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