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Netflix Marvel Series Already Getting Multiple Seasons?

January 9th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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luke cage and daredevil

The collaboration between Marvel and Netflix has already begun, with Daredevil set to premiere on April 10, but what about the other series? And more importantly, will these shows get multiple seasons?

Ted Sarandos of Netflix says: “They’re all eligible to go into multiple seasons for sure, and [we]contemplate that they will.”

Now for the downside of the news. Each series is said to air 8-15 months after the one prior, which is followed up by the news that the second series starring Jessica Jones will not air until possibly early 2016. With the Luke Cage series set later that year at best.

“We’re not trying to hit a fall programming schedule or hit a grid number. We want to give them enough room and enough time to make a great show. I don’t want to set up a rigid time table.”

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