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New Images For Arrow And Flash Tease What’s Coming!

September 14th, 2014 by Todd Black Comments

With only a few weeks until the premieres of Arrow and Flash, more and more info is being dropped about the shows. Including photos of upcoming episodes! With small teases to boot!

First up, let’s go with Arrow, more specifically one John Diggle. Season 3 appears to be a big season for Diggle, who’s now a father, and apparently he’s still wanting to be the hero he has been in the previous seasons:

“Episode 3, titled ‘Corto Maltese.’ is a really big Dig episode,” showrunner Andrew Kreisberg told TVLine. As Oliver’s No. 1 helps Lyla track a rogue agent, “It’s really about the fact that he has a daughter now — how does that affect how he feels about the world and what he’s doing with Oliver?”

Interesting, the trailer for the season teased a possible confrontation between Ollie and Diggle, will this episode be the leadup to that?

And then there’s the new kid on the block, Ray Palmer. Who many believe will truly shake up the Arrow universe. Especially if his “alter-ego” comes out. Marc Guggenheim had some things to share about Ray:

“Ray is a businessman instead of a professor, more of an entrepreneur,” showrunner Marc Guggenheim says “Part of the fun is seeing how, or even if, a character reaches the end of that trajectory,” the EP teases, “because as we’ve proven, we like to play around with it a bit.”

That they do, look no further than Ollie, Slade, Sarah, and on and on. Will the Atom come to be? Most likely if Stephen Amell is to be believed, but the question of “when?” seems more prevalent now.

Finally, a tease for Flash.

Many noted how Barry Allen’s father is being played by John Wesley, aka the Flash from the 1990’s series. And it’s clear from the pilot that he’ll be around for a while. Yet as the photo below shows, he might just meet the fastest man alive…again.

Flash premieres on Oct. 7, while season 3 of Arrow airs on Oct. 8!

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