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Ridley Scott reveals details of planned Blade Runner 2099, a new live-action series

April 10th, 2022 by Marc Comments

I’ve been a Blade Runner fan ever since the first movie got released on home video around 1983 – although I was far too young to be watching it – the look, the characters, the atmosphere all encaptured me, giving birth to a passion I have to this very day for all things sci-fi, future-noir and dystopian, so you can imagine how much I’m loving the franchise’s new lease of life in recent years.

While the sequel, Blade Runner 2049, was a gorgeous triumph, it performed poorly at the box office and I feared that the two movies and the excellent shorts released in the lead up to 2049 –  and yes, I know Kurt Russell’s Soldier is technically part of that universe too – were all we’d have.

But, last year we got the solid if not great animated series Black Lotus and we’re currently enjoying many new comic box adventures that are surprisingly great; but, it seems there could be more coming.

Director of the first movie, Ridley Scott has revealed that a Blade Runner live-action TV series is likely to be heading to Amazon in the near future with him acting as Executive Producer and maybe even director.

“We [have already] written the pilot for ‘Blade Runner’ and the bible. So, we’re already presenting ‘Blade Runner’ as a TV show, the first 10 hours,” he said.

But now new details have emerged, giving us an idea of when the series will be set and if we’ll see any familiar faces appearing.

Called Blade Runner 2099, the series will time jump another 50 years after Denis Villeneuve’s superb Blade Runner 2049, meaning that it’s unlikely that Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard or even Ryan Gosling’s K will appear, but it also means that, should a third movie ever happen, that timeline can be expanded upon, without affecting the new series’ continuity.

Scott had previously revealed that he had played a big part in the story of 2049 and had plans in place for a third movie, should it happen: “I think there is another story. I’ve got another one ready to evolve and be developed, so there is certainly one to be done for sure.”

It’s unclear if this series is based on Scott’s idea for that third movie or if this is something else altogether; whatever it is, having Scott back in the Blade Runner universe is something to be very, very excited for and the expansion of this universe is something, no matter what the form, I will welcome with open arms.

Anyone else here big Blade Runner fans? Let me know all your thoughts, gang.


The report further indicates that when Scott previously teased this series, Amazon had already entered talks to distribute “Blade Runner 2099.” Since Alcon Entertainment snagged the film, television, and sequel/prequel rights to the original “Blade Runner” movie in 2011, the company has wasted little time in branching out this new prospective franchise — though to somewhat mixed results, as “Blade Runner 2049” mostly underwhelmed in theaters at the time of release. This latest effort, should it receive the official green light, will likely receive just as much of a major marketing push from Amazon as their “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” series. No details were provided on potential characters or storylines (so don’t expect a return from Harrison Ford just yet), but we’ll very likely hear many more updates in the weeks and months ahead.


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