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River Song to meet the 12th Doctor?

May 24th, 2015 by Saxon 1 Comment


According to Digital Spy, River Song might return in a future series of Doctor Who…

The professor/archaeologist/Doctor’s future…wife?  Love interest?  Person? was a major fan favourite when she debuted in the 10th Doctor adventure Silence in the Library back in 2008.  7 years on however, it seems that the character has worn out her welcome, after dominating series 6 her last appearance was a brief cameo in 2013’s The Name of the Doctor.

However, showruner Steven Moffat has said that there is a chance she will be popping up again, but only if there is a genuine reason.  Speaking to RadioTimes he said “It entirely depends on whether we’ve got a good story. It’s certainly not ruled out. I have a sort of worry about keeping anybody around in the Doctor’s life for too long. Because he’s the Man who Leaves.”

Previous showrunner Russell T. Davies has also encouraged Moffat to bring back the character, as played by Alex Kingston: “I mentioned in passing to Russell that we were probably done with River,” Moffat added. “He said, ‘You can’t be done with River! No, no, no. Capaldi and Kingston, it’s a sex storm!”

As always let us know your thoughts, but for me unless they try something new with the character,  this is a River which has well and truly run dry.

Doctor Who series 9 will air on BBC 1 later in the year.


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