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SPECULATION: Is Daryl Dixon gay on The Walking Dead? A theory…

March 10th, 2015 by Christopher Williams Comments

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I’m sure you all remember a few months ago that a rumor was floating around that Daryl Dixon may be gay. Robert Kirkman himself came out and dispelled the notion, but could that have been smoke and mirrors? Could Daryl indeed be gay?

If you’re as big a fan of the comics as I am then you noticed a few things in the last episode of The Walking Dead. The first thing that became apparent when Sasha was practicing her shooting, and then volunteered for watchtower duty, is that Sasha is morphing into Andrea from the comics. In the comics Andrea damn near lives in that tower, and she’s also the group’s “best shot”, as we heard Sasha being described.

Which brings us to Daryl. If Sasha is Andrea, it was clear that Daryl is also being fashioned after another comic character, Jesus. In the comics Jesus becomes an ally of Rick’s, first meeting him as a diplomatic representative of another community, Jesus feels free being out in the wild beyond the protective walls. He helps locate new survivors to bring into Alexandria, as well as acting as a representative to other communities out there. Jesus is also every bit the bad ass, and lone wolf, that Daryl is. It’s pretty clear to me that this is the direction Daryl is headed in. Oh, one more thing about Jesus, he’s also gay.

Now of course this doesn’t mean that Daryl will turn out to be gay too, but it’s pretty interesting that the rumor surfaced just months before Daryl’s character takes on the role of a gay character in the comics. It will be interesting to see going forward if Sasha and Daryl just take on the roles Andrea and Jesus play in the comics, or if they also start to take on the personality traits of their comic counterparts. I love the idea that these original TV characters are starting to model themselves after the comic characters, giving them a more clear direction; which is something their characters totally needed, but only time will tell how far the writers actually go with it.

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