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SPOILERS: New Star Wars: Rebels episode synopses hint at a big loss

January 11th, 2018 by Irwin Fletcher Comments

While we all wait patiently for the return of Star Wars: Rebels, we’ve been wondering what’s going to happen to the crew as the series draws to a close.

We know it’s ending this year and we know that Hera and Chopper are still alive by the time we go to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and we know that Hera and Chopper are alive during the battle of Endor according to the weirdly in canon Freemaker Adventrures (which, if you’re not already, you ought to be watching).

But as for Ezra, Kanan, Sabine and Zeb… well, we still have no idea.

However, it looks like this will all change when it returns with Jedi Night on February 24th and then DUME on March 3rd according to a new report.

But here’s the kicker, the descriptions of the episodes seem to hint that a big tragedy is coming to the crew of The Ghost.

Here they are:

Jedi Night: The Ghost Crew infiltrates the Imperial headquarters on Lothal to save one of their own.

DUME: Reeling from a devastating loss, the Ghost crew rallies together to find a new purpose and resolve.

We don’t like the sound of that ‘devastating loss’ bit… but we have to say that our guess would be that Kanan will be the first to get killed off. Why? Well, we guessed from the dialogue between Mon Mothma and Bail Organa in Rogue One where they spoke about Bail’s Jedi friend (Obi-Wan) that there were no other Jedi known to exist in the galaxy at that time, meaning that Kanan must be gone (watch clip here).

If he is gone though, what of Ezra? Well, we’re guessing one of two things: either he quits his Jedi training and goes off to live a reclusive life in the galaxy OR he falls to the Dark Side; let’s be honest, it’s been hinted often enough in the series.

So there you have it, the return of Rebels looks set to bring the sorrow. But we’ve known that was coming for a while now.

Won’t make it any easier to take.

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