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Star Wars Rebels season 3 trailer flies in, heralding the arrival of Thrawn

July 17th, 2016 by Christopher Williams Comments

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Star Wars Rebels Thrawn

Fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe rejoice, as a familiar face to some of us will be making an appearance in Star Wars Rebels season 3, and we’ve just got the new trailer to get you excited.

If you are anything like me then you too spent years and a few hundred dollars on the Star Wars Expanded Universe in a bid to satiate your need for more Star Wars stories beyond the six movies. And if you are even more like me then you too were also bummed when Lucasfilm decided to turn your collection into fancy non-canon Star Wars paper weights. Though I quickly turned my thinking around, I mean who can blame them for wanting to start fresh for their new movies instead of being bogged down by some 20 plus years of storylines (that’s a large minefield to navigate), but I was still sad that former Jedi Kal Skirata never officially led his own Mandolorian clan of former Clone Troopers.

Though we will never see the likes of Darth Caedus or Mara Jade grace the screen or page again, Star Wars Rebels has reached back to pull one notorious EU character back into canon. In a new trailer for season three of Disney XD’s wonderful Star Wars toon, no other than EU badass Grand Admiral Thrawn is introduced . For those that don’t know Thrawn and his story was essentially the Genesis for the whole Star Wars EU. Author Timothy Zahn’s story of the former Empire grand admiral who dared to try to resurrect the former Empire and have a go at the newly formed New Republic in the wake of the events of Return of the Jedi is the reason why the EU exists. Though expectations were low for how the book would do, fans went so crazy for Thrawn and the continuance of Star Wars that more books were churned out of the many years. Though his appearance on Rebels will be interesting as he’s not become the grand commander and strategist that we know him as since he will be brought back into the pre-original trilogy timeline.

Not only will Thrawn appear on Rebels, it was also announced that none other than Thrawn’s original creator Timothy Zahn will be back with a brand new novel simply entitled Thrawn. No word yet on what to expect story wise.

Fans can expect the novel in April of 2017 and season three of Star Wars Rebels to hit Disney XD this fall. Check out the trailer here:

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