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Purge TV series to be connected to movies

September 7th, 2017 by Dave Bowling Comments

Looks like the new Purge TV series isn’t going to be a reboot of the movies, despite rumours to the contrary.

The latest word from the people behind the scenes of the project is that the series will segue nicely into the established continuity. Writer and director James DeMonaco recently spoke to Vulture about the project and where it fits in with the upcoming Purge 4 prequel:

We have a couple of cameos going. The TV show takes place between the first Purge and the [third] movie. We’re kind of right in the middle of all the Purge timelines, so it’s before Charlie Roan. It’s way after the New Founding Fathers of America have come into power. But in the next Purge movie, Purge 4, the NFFA has just come into power and come up with this crazy conceit of the Purge to help a dying economy. So if 20 Purges have taken place, or 15, we’re probably on the seventh or eighth in the TV show. It’s an established thing that people have gotten used to. I think people will be happy when they see that characters go in and out. Minor characters from the movie do little pop ins, and hopefully we can keep expanding on it.

For those not familiar with the Purge mythos, it involves the United States being governed by a totalitarian regime calling itself the New Founding Fathers of America. They keep the populous docile by legalising all forms of crime not directed against government officials for twelve hours, one night a year. Despite claims that ‘it just works’, as the three movies so far have shown, there are some serious issues with the concept. With American politics currently all over the place, the idea of a totalitarian government keeping the proles in check through violence and trickery seems more and more relevant. Here’s hoping they manage to pull it off in the small-screen format.

Source: Screen Rant

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