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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews Clone Wars SO5EO17 Sabotage

February 11th, 2013 by Christopher Williams Comments

So it looks like we’re going on a Hitchcockian ride as this and the next three episodes in this arc are all named after Hitchcock works. Though we did get back to the Jedi after all these weeks, we didn’t get a lot of lightsaber action. What we did get instead was a mystery. Though I watch the Clone Wars for its intense action, I am also a big fan of the original Law & Order series, so I found myself enjoying the mystery surrounding who is responsible for a blast in the hangar of the Jedi Temple. Everyone is quick to assume that a Jedi might even be the perpetrator. This proves not to be the case, but this episode wasn’t about the mystery itself, it was about how we get to the conclusion, and that’s what makes for a great mystery story.

This week we are introduced to Russo, an investigator droid who works at the Jedi temple. His no nonsense style, though lacking personality, was actually enjoyable, especially after all the hijinks provided by the previous droid story arc. Russo is a strictly by the book detective, and I found his style to be spot on as the typical hard-nosed TV detective. One really cool moment was the hologram of the crime scene. At first I rolled my eyes as the screen went into slow motion and I thought we would get that now cliché slow motion explosion shot. Then computer readouts started to appear and I thought how wonderful this was, a full on 3D, 360-degree hologram of the crime scene.

Through some investigation Anakin and Ahsoka are able to track down the perp behind the bombing, which turned out to be the wife of the prime suspect. Here’s where I thought the episode wrapped up a bit too quickly. Why was there no pressing her to give up her motives or whom she was working with? The method she used to create the bomb was so intricate I don’t believe this is something she did alone. Instead of getting a full on interrogation we get her telling Anakin and Ahsoka that they wouldn’t understand, and then a case closed ending. I am sure this will be picked up next week, but they didn’t even allude to the fact that this has to be bigger then one suspect they tracked down.

Overall I rather enjoyed this episode a lot more than I would have thought given that there wasn’t much action past the opening scene, which did deliver pretty nicely. Russo was a good addition to the story and the fact that people are now more worried about the Jedi makes me think that this show could be hitting its end in the near future. This was the first part of a four part arc that ends with the season finale, so strap in, things will only get hotter from here.

3.5 out of 5 nerds

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