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TV REVIEW: FTN reviews The Walking Dead SO3EO14 Prey

March 18th, 2013 by Marc Comments

Andrea finally wakes up out of her Governor induced haze and sees things clearly, and in turn becomes the focus of the episode (again). Milton gets his due also; it seems that the Governor’s silver tongue won’t be enough to talk his way out of this one. We start with a flashback of Michonne and Andrea in the woods where Andrea asks Michonne about her pet walkers. It was interesting to get that bit that they were pretty awful guys before they became walkers, but the scene really didn’t hold any bearing on the episode itself so it felt out of place.

In Woodbury, as the town gears up for war, Milton walks in on the Governor preparing a torture room for Michonne, and he finally starts to see the Governor for what he is, a sadist. Of course the Governor tries to smooth things over with Milton, but Milton isn’t buying it. I know I was hard on Milton when we first met him, but this episode provided him with redemption as he was genuinely concerned for all the people in the prison as he knows nothing short of their total slaughter would satisfy the Governor. He seeks out Andrea and lets her know what the Governor has planned for Michonne and her friends at the prison. He does stop her from killing the Governor (ugh!), but he does help convince her to get the prison to warn them that the deal they think they have is not in play.

Andrea decides to escape, but first must get past Tyreese and Sasha who stand guard on a wall. She manages to get past them by pulling a knife and startling Tyreese by letting him know the Governor is not what he seems. This sends Tyreese into a spin through the whole episode, questioning their situation, but in a move that makes him the new Andrea, he buys the Governor’s lies in the end. I really want to like him, especially for the way he was so suspicious all episode, but I hate it when the trigger never gets pulled at the end. I so wanted him to just leave, maybe try to make his way back to the prison as well. Sadly, this was not meant to be.

Andrea goes on the run to get the prison, but it won’t be so easy as the Governor decides to go after her, and the game of cat and mouse is on! It was actually a pretty tense episode, as he gets close, loses her, gets close again, loses her again, and so on. The showdown in the warehouse was particularly great and showed off Andrea’ s…smarts I guess? I am loath to associate a word like smarts with Andrea, but the girl can take herself, and the Governor finds that out the hard way as she gets the better of him, using a group of walkers to run interference for her escape.

These scenes get cut with Tyreese and members of his group figuring out their place in Woodbury, as Tyreese is now suspicious of the Governor. Him and Allan seem to bicker over something with Allan’s dead wife, but the truth of the matter is, I don’t really care. I don’t care about Allan, I don’t care about his son, and I don’t care about his beef with Tyreese.  These scenes, though the bits with Tyreese questioning Martinez was slightly interesting, I don’t care much for any of these characters so these scenes only served to cut to tension between the parts with Andrea vs. the Governor, but didn’t do much else for me.

Andrea finally gets to the prison, and of course, just as she is about to come into the Rick’s view, the Governor tackles her and prevents her from reaching the prison. Arrggghhh! What the hell!! Of course that’s what would happen! I just kept thinking why isn’t she pulling out her knife, stab him in the arm, bite him in the hand, something! Nope, instead the Governor gets her back to Woodbury, tells everyone he didn’t get her, and then straps her into the torture chair he had set up for Michonne. We also get a small cameo from Rick.

Overall, we did get a pretty tense episode with the back and forth between Andrea and the Governor giving us some thrilling moments. The stuff with Tyreese and his group was a complete waste of time because I don’t care much for them, and in the end, it served no purpose as Tyreese just fell in line with the Governor anyway. Its one of those situations where they take us on a ride and it doesn’t pay off in the end, we would have been much better served using those moments to check in with Rick and the group in the prison as they gear up for war. This episode as me torn, as part was really great, and the other part was a complete waste of time. If we hadn’t been bothered with the Tyreese story line then this would have been a much better episode. As it stands, I have to give this one a…

3 out of 5 nerds

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