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TV REVIEWS: FTN Review The Flash Season 01 Episode 12: Crazy For You

February 4th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


After a very intriguing episode last week that focused a lot on Harrison Wells, Flash took a step back to focus on the rest of the team. In this case, Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco. Sadly, while a lot of this was good, some parts were lacking.

Getting “villain-of-the-week” stuff out of the way, Peekaboo teleported her way into the path of Team Flash. Her entrance was really interesting, as she wished to break her boyfriend out of prison, sadly, the rest of her performance was lacking. I know that shows, especially superhero shows, have to follow certain paths and have certain characters eventually, but the “I love him even though he ditched me” angle? Eh. Also, this was a sad parallel to what was occurring with Barry and Caitlin.

I will note however that though we didn’t find out why Peekaboo got her powers, it was interesting how they weren’t all-powerful. She had to see where she was going, which is not unlike what Nightcrawler does (as mentioned in X2: X-Men United). Again, it’s superpowers, but with science behind them.

Which obviously leads us to Barry and Caitlin. Why? Chemistry! Yes…I went there. Both of them are struggling with past loves, and are also struggling to get over them. So, what’s a guy and gal to do? Karaoke bar! On the plus side, I again like seeing the friendship between Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco (though he really wasn’t there this time, he did offer in the beginning) shown. If there was one non-superpowered difference between Arrow and Flash, its that Barry has friends he hangs out with regularly.

But…though Caitlin and Barry singing “Summer Nights” (insert Glee reference here) was nice, Caitlin drunk? Not so much. Call it my personality, but I honestly didn’t enjoy seeing her drunk. Then the following scenes in her apartment were all kinds of weird for me. It’s clear, going back to my comment above, that these two have chemistry, you saw it in the pilot. Yet they’re not even trying to capitalize on it. Instead, we get Linda Park, who I’m not criticizing, show up and now Barry’s on a lunch date with her. I really hope they don’t make Barry pull an Ollie and be with multiple girls this season, that’s not who Barry is.

Thankfully, Cisco had some really great moments in “Crazy For You”. As he had to team up with Hartley to figure out the truth behind Firestorm. This sidestory led to some REALLY cool moments. Including, but not limited too, Cisco kicking Hartley’s butt, the first true indication that Cisco will become Vibe, the appearance of Stein and how he and Ronnie became merged, and more. The only bad thing about this plot was that Cisco was taken down by the same trick from last episode in the end. Did he truly learn nothing? It honestly would’ve been more believable if Hartley grabbed something blunt and knocked Cisco unconscious.

For me though, the best scenes were with Barry and Henry Allen. Their first meeting without glass in no doubt YEARS was beautiful to watch. Both times! John Wesley Shipp has done a great job as Barry’s dad, and his scenes here, especially that final scene where you KNEW he knew about Barry being Flash was epic. That was literally the perfect way to end the episode…

But…since this IS Flash…that wasn’t the end…instead…we got this…



In the end, “Crazy For You” was another good Flash episode. It didn’t have as many memorable moments (picture above aside) as previous episodes, but the focus on characters, especially Henry Allen, was good stuff. Next week brings Firestorm to the true forefront, so things will heat up!

3.5 nerds

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