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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agent Carter Season 01 Episode 05: The Iron Ceiling

February 4th, 2015 by Todd Black Comments


This has been the episode many of us have wanted from the beginning. Not because it was full of action, or it had major twists one way or the other, but THIS was the episode where Peggy Carter got to show why she is Agent Carter.

Almost from the getgo you knew this episode was to be special (ok, the previews helped out too). The immediateness of Peggy cracking the Russian code (something none of her male co-workers could do) was awesome. As was her demanding to be put in on this mission. The truly best part though, was unlike the four episodes before it, she wasn’t shot down immediately. True, Thompson wanted nothing to do with her, but Dooley at least considered it.

I have numerous times criticized Thompson and Dooley as being nothing more than mouthpieces for male superiority, as was the case in the 40’s and 50’s. I truly believed them to be there to do nothing more than insult Peggy, and for 4 1/2 episodes I was right. Yet thankfully, that has changed. Thompson is now seeing what value Peggy has, and Thompson now appreciates what she has done, and what she can do. Even if only for a little while…

Ok, let’s cut to it shall we? This episode featured Peggy reuniting with the Howling Commandos, specifically Dum Dum Duggan! It was great to see him again, and his friendly (see: non-condescending) repore with Peggy was fantastic. These two were friends, and more than that, Dum Dum knew better than anyone just how capable Peggy was. So much so that he openly asked her what to do even when Thompson was giving out orders. More than that though, we got to see his softer side, and show that he too felt the pain of loss in regards to Steve Rogers.

The assault on the Russian base was very interesting. As we saw the first true glimpse of the Black Widow program. Both in the base itself, and through scenes with Dottie. And might I say…she is CREEPY!!!! Just saying.


It also showed the danger they’re all in, as no less than two Commandos were killed in battle. If you read the comics, you’ll note that very few Commandos were ever killed in combat (heck, they even mentioned that in Winter Soldier). So for a little girl to kill two? That’s a big deal.

Furthermore, the mission helped give proof that Stark isn’t involved with Leviathan, even with his name being dropped all over the place. The endgame still isn’t clear, but we are getting there.

The pieces are continuing to move around the board. Sousa knows that Peggy was the girl from the picture, Dooley is starting to believe Stark is innocent, and Dottie is possibly closing in on Peggy as well. Where this will all end is uncertain. But this is a fun ride!


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