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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield Season 03 Episode 09: Closure

December 2nd, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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Well…that happened. In what was easily one of the biggest shocks in Agents of Shield history…they killed Rosalind…IN THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES!!! I mean seriously, what in the actual heck?!?!?!?

What would be set in motion are some big things leading up to the winter finale break (which will be filled with Agent Carter in case you forgot). The big thing in this episode was how Coulson reacted to the scenario, going “off-book” to try and find a way to get to Ward, and in a surprising move, he got to him, by bringing up the only Ward left alive not named Grant. We had heard about the youngest of the Ward family before, but never met him. So seeing him not only alive, but used to get Ward’s attention was brilliant.

Which made it all the more poignant because of Ward kidnapping Fitz and Simmons. Yeah, didn’t see that coming either. Seeing Ward talk to them was very intense, especially as he sat down with Fitz to listen to Simmons being tortured.Why? Because Gideon wanted to use them to get the monster back to Earth through the portal, and only they knew how to do that.

Meanwhile, Mack was put in charge of Shield while Coulson was “away” and that led to many interesting developments, including the deployment of the Secret Warriors! V1 anyway.

And of course, Ward being “convinced” that the best thing for him to do was go into the portal to bring back the monster was nice. As he first knew he was being duped, but then Malick talked about the history of Hydra, and how it would be him that made it all worth it, and you could see the old Ward want to be that “hero” once again.

I will admit, Coulson jumping out of the plane Captain America style (but WITH a parachute) to go after Ward was kind of dumb. A second later, and he’s splat. And honestly, he probably should be dead after hitting that rock. Oh well, forget about physics I suppose.

“Closure” had numerous shocking moments, and that was just the leadup to next weeks midseason finale. Where will it all end up? I have no idea.

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