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TV Reviews: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield Season 03 Episode 11: Bouncing Back

March 9th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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After giving Agent Carter its due, Agents of Shield has returned, and showed it still has plenty to offer this season. “Bouncing Back” was honestly a perfect title for this episode. As it not only introduced Yo-Yo/Slingshot (depending on the comic), but it should Coulson getting back on track with Shield getting the go ahead from the president, and focusing once again on taking down Hydra. All the while trying to save and stop Inhumans.

I really liked the simplicity of “Bouncing Back” as it dealt with the arrival of Yo-Yo and how both Shield, the police, and Hydra reacted to it. It also allowed for some fun. Especially Mac trying to figure out how to stop Yo-Yo, and always getting blindsided. Then when she eventually teamed up with Daisy, it was pure fun. As well as that twist that the police had an Inhuman of their own. Good times.

It was also good to see that the events of the midseason finale was not forgotten. Seeing Fitz and Simmons unable to chat was nice, and thankfully it ended quickly, as it would’ve been stupid to drag it on. Then there’s Coulson, who’s clearly not well mentally. As he does things he honestly wouldn’t have done before to get to Gideon, who he blames for Roz’s death (even though he technically had nothing to do with it). Even bringing young Von Strucker back to life in a way to get info from him.

Coulson and President

The tense phone call between him and Malick was a good indication of how far Coulson is willing to go to stop him. And yet, he doesn’t know the full story. He doesn’t know Ward (who is now Hive) is alive. And we don’t know just how strong he is. We know it’s been waiting to be free, and now it is, and it’s intent on making believers out of Hydra, and possibly the world. But to what end? Guess we’ll find out soon.

“Bouncing Back” was a solid return, balancing the best part of Agents of Shield with some intriguing points (see: the flash forward) that hopefully will pay off.


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