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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield Season 03 Episode 14: Watch Dogs

March 30th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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After last weeks departure of Bobbi and Hunter, it was going to be interesting to see where Agents of Shield went. In a surprise move, they not only showed the aftershocks of last weeks episode, but also introduced a new threat in the form of the Watchdogs.

Mack wanting to be on vacation after losing Bobbi and Hunter was very believable, and true to the character. As was his disappointment when he had to be called into work and away from his brother. The tension between the was very good, and showed the downside of being a spy when you can’t tell your family what you do.

Then there’s the Watchdogs, who are bent on taking out the “alien freaks” who are endangering the world. What really sold this group was two-fold. One, their weaponry was advanced, as they took down an ATCU building via implosion! Then, their new leader was Blake, who we met multiple times in Season 1 of AOS. It was nice to get a small reminder of who he was before he reappeared, as some may not have remembered.

Coulson’s arc with Lincoln was interesting, and I hope we get more into it as time goes on. Lincoln’s being there “for Daisy” was very close to what Ward said in Season 01 during the Hydra arc. But I’m not sure if I fully believe it.

Daisy’s desire to go “Gestapo” on one of the Watchdog talkers was a very dark turn. As she basically justified coersion because of the end result. Something that Mack (and Fitz) didn’t agree with at all.


A curious storyline was Simmons and her gun training. I wish this had been brought up earlier, as it would’ve been a nice cap on her storyline for the season. To shoehorn it in now, and to reference the events of episodes now long past seem very weird. That being said, her helping May find Andrew was very compelling. Especially with her offering the cure to Andrew, and May not biting because she “didn’t want hope”.

The fight scene at the end was cool. Even though I’m still not sure how Reuben found Mack at the barn…but whatever. The shotgun axe was cool, and Mack got to prove that he does protect people, and can be epic doing it.

The ending scene that showed Hydra basically funded the Watchdogs was great. And now they have a missile. Terrific. All around, a great episode.


4 out of 5 nerds

4 out of 5 nerds

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