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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents Of Shield Season 03 Episode 18: The Singularity

April 27th, 2016 by Todd Black Comments

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A twist is really a two-fold thing. First is the twist itself, but the other important part is the follow through.. For if you don’t back up the twist you made, it becomes hollow. This twist is what made Agents of Shield during the Hydra/Winter Solider twist, and they pulled it off beautifully. With the Daisy/Hive twist, the follow through was just as important. Thankfully, “The Singularity” showed just how “swayed” Daisy was, and how much the team, and the world, is in danger.

From the open seconds, it was clear that everyone was still reeling from Daisy’s actions at the finally last week. That being said, that weren’t giving up on her. Not yet. Seeing Lincoln, May, Mack, and of course Coulson react to the “betrayal” was good stuff. May and Coulson had some particularly powerful moments together, as the stress of everything that was going on seemed to have finally boiled over.

I was also happy to see multiple missions going on at once, as this shouldn’t have been a simple “we have to save Daisy” thing, as that would’ve been missing tentacled elephant in the room.

Seeing Hive and Daisy interact at the beginning was most creepy. Even Daisy noted how different Hive was from Ward, even going so far as to say how happy she was that he was dead. Only for Hive to reply that he (Ward) was happy too in a way. I’m not sure if this “relationship” will go beyond what is implied…but it could.

Speaking of which…FitzSimmons! FINALLY!!!! Yes, it happened, and it happened in a perfectly FitzSimmons way! It was science-y, and sweet, and glorious, and I usually hate these kinds of things so there you go. lol


The ending was both very creepy and very dark. Daisy nearly killing Fitz, Hive using the memories of Will to haunt Gemma, Coulson taking steps to elminate Hydra once and for all. And then Hive revealing that he bought a whole town to experiment on…yesh! This is dark.

“The Singularity” was fully of very interesting stories and themes. I didn’t even touch on all of them, but they were there in bulk. We still have a few episodes to go, but this is looking to be the best ending of Agents of Shield so far…if it keeps up the pace.

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