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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Agents of Shield Season 03 Episode 4: Devils You Know

October 21st, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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Devils You know1

At one time, Agents of Shield wouldn’t have done what it did tonight in regards to some of the character deaths…or possible character deaths…anyway, they would’ve dragged it out and kept us all in the dark for a while. Thankfully, “Devils You Know” turned that on its head and gave resolutions (and promised resolutions) to many of the storylines that had been built up in the first three episodes.

Let’s start with the Inhumans. It was interesting to see the return of Lash in such a big (and terrifying way), killing three Inhumans in one episode, and severely scarring a fourth. What was also interesting was that he (not unlike his comic counterpart) feels he has a mission in regards to the Inhumans. In this case, killing them. The transformation bit was a little surprising, and hopefully something that’ll get expanded upon soon. For know though…Lash is a huge threat.

And then there is the new partnership between Coulson and the ATCU. It was interesting seeing them work together after almost killing each other multiple times in the last few episodes, but it worked…except for Daisy. I don’t like how suspicious she is of them. Yes, they’re obviously hiding something, not unlike what they are doing to them, but the level of paranoia on her was very odd…even for Skye/Daisy.

Then there was the Ward storyline, oh what fun that was! Again, a quick resolution to a storyline that had just started. Hunter got his wish, and got to take a shot at Ward. Unfortunately for him…Ward already had backup plans in place. One in particular just for May, which we saw buildup an episode back. It was fun seeing the banter between Ward and Hunter as they tried to kill each other, verbal stabs before bullets and all that.

Devils You know2

Now, whether Andrew is truly dead is up for debate. True, he was the only one in that gas station with a suit, but…certain tipoffs point to him being alive. Mainly how his face wasn’t shown on the bloody body, and the young Von Strucker seemed scared and panicked as he blow up the building. Maybe frightened cause he failed his mission? We’ll see.

The Simmons story was honestly the only one that dragged out, as we saw her in therapy, and still dealing with whatever happened to her when she was off-planet. I’m glad that Fitz called her out on it, and it appears (through the previews) that we will see all that happened to her out there. Hopefully she’ll reveal why she has to go back.

In the end, “Devils You Know” was a powerful episode that forwarded many of the storylines of this season. Let’s hope it keeps up.


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