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TV REVIEWS: FTN Reviews Arrow Season 04 Episode 08: Legends of Yesterday

December 3rd, 2015 by Todd Black Comments

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Legends Of Yesterday1

Getting a deja vu feeling? Good! Cause just like last years teamup episodes, Arrow once again shined above Flash’s, which to be fair was a little easy because Flash dealt with the buildup of everything, while Arrow was the payoff.

“Legends Of Yesterday” shined in many ways, not the least of which was once again the character moments. From the subtle funny lines “heroes in a farmhouse? I think I saw that movie once…”, to the more personal relationships both expecting and not, it was a fantastic episode. All the while, pushing thing forward, and not being afraid to shake things up.

For me, what I really loved about this episode was the numerous twists that got put into it. From the first battle with Savage, and the end result! To Barry’s time traveling…AGAIN!!! To the name drop of Nth Metal. Malcolm Merlyn’s surprise ending, and more, there was a lot thrown for an hour show, and it work for the majority of it.

I’m really glad they didn’t just leave the “Ollie knows he has a son” thing hanging, no sir, they right into it, and soon Ollie knew that he did indeed have a son. Give props to Stephen Amell for showing many sides of Ollie in this episode. We got to see him in arguably a position we’ve never seen him before, his world “exploded” by a lie he never saw coming. Not even when his mom was part of The Undertaking was Ollie this shaken.

Also though, how it played out in the “first’ timeline was very interesting. From the fallout with Felicity, to how it affected him in the battle with Savage, it was all great stuff. Sure, I honestly didn’t buy part of the “you don’t trust me” speech by Felicity, but hey, it got retconned in episode. So no harm no foul.

Legends Of Yesterday2

The time travel twist was a gift two fold, as we not only got to see Central City (and the entire team!!!!) killed, but also, it gave us new scenes that allowed for more character interactions. Can I just say how badly I feel for Cisco? He finally gets a girl who doesn’t die, or is a supervillain, and she leaves! Come on writers! Where’s the love for Vibe? But seriously, he again shined in this episode, much like he did in Flash last night.

The final battle with Savage was epically cool, as seven heroes teamed up and succeeded to defeat an uber villain. Hmm…seven heroes teaming up…

Now obviously there’s still some questions here. How does Savage come back to life? When he does, why doesn’t he go back after Hawkgirl and Hawkman? How does this tie into what will happen in Legends of Tomorrow? I have no idea. But it’s going to be fun to find out!

The Arrow/Flash crossover was once again a fun experience, and very different from the one we got last year. With this annual event likely to happen for a while, I’m patiently waiting for the next one.

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